How do I apply for accreditation?


 The following client groups will require accreditation to access FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.

Category Definition
Team Strictly players and team management only. Management roles must align with guidelines in the FIH Event Regulations and Team Information Pack. Additional team management accreditation passes are subject to charge.
Official FIH and locally appointed officials.
Event Staff England Hockey and FIH Staff undertaking management and delivery event roles.
Workforce A volunteer who’s application to volunteer has been approved by the Hockey Maker Operations Manager and has been assigned a role at the event.
VIP England Hockey VIPs, as per the VIP Policy
Media Members of the Media who have had their application for Media Accreditation approved in advance of the  session.
Broadcast Personnel working for BT Sport as host broadcaster, and any unilateral Rights Holders.
Partner Personnel who are representing the Commercial Partners sponsoring the FIH and need accreditation for operational purposes.
Contractor Any person or firm that undertakes a contract with EH to provide materials or labour to deliver a service.


Employees and approved contractors of LVHTC and LVRPA who are working on site.
Observer Any individual who has been approved by the Event Manager to attend and observe behind the scenes.


Members of the media – accreditation is not open yet for the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers, please check back here regularly where the link will appear.

If you fall into one of the other categories above, you will receive details direct about how to apply for and receive accreditation.

Accreditation Pass Collection

Details about how to receive or collect your pass will be made available to successful applicants at the time of approval by email.

Accreditation Zones

There will be 6 accreditation access zones back of house at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.  All numbers that correspond to individual access rights will be shown on the front of an accreditation pass.

Accreditation must be clearly visible at all times and must be shown on request. Personnel without a valid accreditation pass will not be allowed access to any back of house areas without the pass.


Access Number Access / Zone Definition
1 Field of Play Training/Warm up Pitch & Competition Pitch
2 Athletes and Officials Athletes and Officials areas, changing rooms & tunnel
3 Event Management Event Office
4 Media The Media Centre, Media Seating and Mixed Zone
5 Broadcast The OB Compound, Pres Position and Studio
6 Champions Suite The Champions Suite hosting space and the associated stairway, and VIP seating
T1 Request Car Ability to request a car when required
X Escorting Rights Ability to escort an individual into a zone but with an accreditation pass.


Accreditation passes are non-transferable. If an accreditation pass is lost, please report to the Accreditation Help Desk located in the reception area of Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.

For any queries in regards to accreditation, please email